Hi, friend! You know I believe that stories change the world. From major Hollywood blockbusters to the stories we tell one another over coffee, stories can stir our affections and move us towards growth. As Christians, our stories are more impactful than any superhero movie could ever be.

I’ve lived through times where I’ve felt like I couldn’t tell my story, and I’ve heard from so many of you who feel the same. Each of us believe lies that keep us enslaved to fear, feeling trapped and isolated. But this isn’t the message of the Gospel. This is why I am so excited to tell you about my new teaching series and study, Your Story Matters, where we are going to confront the lies that keep women from sharing their stories. 

Do these lies sound familiar to you?

  • My story doesn’t matter
  • The story is not mine to share
  • My story is not big enough, or it’s too much
  • I can’t share my story because I’m still in the messy middle of it
  • People will think less of me if I share my story
  • No one will understand or no one will care about my story

You guys, we need to get rid of these lies and start viewing our stories through the lens of the Gospel! My hope through this study is that you would remember your true identity in Christ and experience the freedom of the Gospel.

When you order Your Story Matters, you'll get all the materials you need to complete the study. Grab some girlfriends or your family – or both – and go through the study alongside other women. Or go at your own pace as your schedule allows. 

When you order the study you'll receive six video sessions and the Your Story Matters Study Guide.

Every story matters. Your story can change the world.

Your Story Matters