My son loves to find things that start with his name. He loves to point out every time we go to the YMCA that there is a C like his name on the sign. I love it because he is noticing letters and starting to think about his name.

We have also enrolled him in an art class that meets once a week and he loves it. The way she teaches stuff is also helping prepare them for learning to write their letters. LOVE IT!

So, he is always “writting” his name. This is what he writes:
CEFduw – the first three are capital and the last three are lower case. That is NOT his name, but he believes that he is writing his name.

I have just begun telling him that it is not how he writes his name and then showing him the real letters. He then argues with me tell ing me that he does do it right and that is his name. I'm so proud of him for writing letters, but really that is NOT how his name is spelled and I don't think I want him to think it is.

What is your advice on what to do? Let him keep on saying that when he writes it. Funny thing is that most of the time it is the exact same letters. I think these are the only letters he knows how to write and so therefore he uses them up in his name!

I guess I could just keep correcting him and writing his REAL name and have him try to do that. I love his eargerness to write his name and the pride that he shows in it, but it is not right and that bothers me. Should it?