Aaron and I went on a date the other night and we wanted to accomplish three things.  #1 Eat at a good restaurant – #2 Go to a bookstore and get a new book – #3 close down a coffee shop while reading our new book.  Last week  we did all three.  It was such a great night!

While we were at the bookstore I was telling Aaron how much I love memoirs.  I love how a memoir is someones story in their own voice.  How they remember it and how it effected them.  You feel as though you know them by the end and have felt their heart through the book.

That night I bought a new book on the recommendation from the front desk lady and so far I'm thinking it's just okay.  I mean I get to read about 1 page a day, so that is hard, but I'm on page 30 and it hasn't pulled me in yet.  It's not that long, and I hope to finish it next week at my parents, but so far it's just okay.

Some of my favorite books I've read have been memoirs.  Will you please tell me yours?  I love a good memoir!

GIRL MEETS GOD by Lauren Winner – one of my first memoirs and one of my favorites.

THE LIARS CLUB by Mary Karr – book I'm reading now

liars club

Jamie Ivey