Oh my gracious we finally made it through all the giveaway's these past two months.  I seriously am not sure I'll ever do that again.  I mean, yes I'll do Christmas giveaway's again, no I'll never do that many again.  I was so pumped to give away 27 items this year for Christmas {on a side note, if you haven't been contacted by the company & you won, let me know}, but my gracious that's a lot!

So, I need a blogging break.  Believe it or not, doing giveaway's is a lot of work on my part.  So as you could see this week was a lot of reposting of stuff I've written other places or other things around the web.  You see December is a crazy month and writing is something that hasn't been coming easy for me, especially since I spent the past month writing about things I'm giving away.  I'm ready to get back to writing about things that I think you'll want to read.  Things that will inspire and encourage you.  Things that matter.

Don't expect any of that until January though.  I'm taking a break from my brain thinking, and just enjoying family over the next two weeks.  But come January, I'd love to write about things you want to hear about.  Leave me a comment, or email me {jamie @ aaronivey . com – no spaces, of course} and I'll use your questions/thoughts as a spring board for a blog post.  It could be about adoption {which most of my emails are, and if you've emailed me in the past year I'll blog an answer!}, or my marriage, or Austin, or my favorite food, or my faith,  or how I manage all these kids, or how I screw up managing all these kids, or my thoughts on the NSA {kidding!}, or my life goals … you see this could be serious or plain crazy.

So, enjoy the next two weeks.  I will probably jump in to post a few family pictures of our holiday's {because this blog is clearly and unfortunately the only family scrap book my kids will ever have} ,and I already have a post ready about our Jesus birthday cake to share with you, but other than that, I'll see you back in January!

Enjoy your family!  Email me your questions.  I'm ready.  Leave a comment.  I'm ready.

Here's a pic of me and my two 2nd graders enjoying a tree farm here in Austin, which to my surprise all these trees come from NC – did I really think they were grown here in Austin?  – wow that was a moment – what was I thinking?!?!  I clearly was not thinking.


Love to you all, and thanks for reading this crazy ole blog of mine.