I am so excited that this year the TOGETHER FOR ADOPTION CONFERENCE is right here in our home town of Austin!!!! I love this because #1 we don't have to travel anywhere. #2 I get to sleep in my own bed each night (although I love a good hotel room bed!!). and #3 I am excited about my adoption friends experiencing Austin.

Last year I headed to this conference in Nashville and it was awesome. I met some new friends and old friends while there and once again I'm looking forward to that again! My kids are already hooked up with some fabulous 147millionorphans products. They look so stinking cute in them! I think they'll have a booth there, so bring your money for some cool looking clothes!


Amos & Cayden even wore their matching shirts to school the other day!


I hope that you will think about joining us at this conference. Aaron and the guys will be leading worship, there are some fabulous breakout speakers, main session speakers and Carlos Whittaker will be there hosting the event.

There is still time to sign up! Head over to the T4A website to get signed up!

If you are going to be there, send me your name and blog link and I'll get you listed here so we can all meet and greet at the conference!

Troy & Tara Livesay from Haiti/MN/Waco- Haiti

Mark & Kristen Howerton from Cali – domestic & Haiti

Debra Parker from Houston – Haiti

Bec is coming from Australia

Alice from Austin

Julie from AZ – Ethiopia

Gwen from TN – China & Africa

Christine from TX (Gonzales) – domestic (Haiti)

Heather from MO – in process Ethiopia

Helen from Australia

Katie & Shaun from Austin – in process Columbia

Mattias from Sweden

Angie from Texas – Haiti

April & Scott from VA – Haiti

Mary from Idaho – Ethiopia & Korea

Anna – in process Ethiopia

Kristin from Austin – in process Ethiopia

Elizabeth from Austin

Jessica & her friend Caren from Austin

Ronnie – KY

Krysta – foster parents

Julie & Matt from Austin – adopted from Russia and now in the Ethiopia process

Stephanie – college student from Ohio

Missy – adopting from Ethiopia

Jamie Ivey