As we enter this new decade, I thought it would be fun to talk to a few friends and reflect back on what life was like 10 years ago. In these conversations, you’ll hear guests speak about what God has done in their life, their dreams and goals, things they would have done differently, and things they’re most proud of. And, looking back always causes me to look forward, so we’ll also chat about dreams for the next ten years!

In today’s episode, we’re going off the beaten path to celebrate. That’s right, it’s Your Last Decade: Graduate Edition!! Not only do I have two separate guests, but I also have two different kinds of graduates.
My first guest today is EJ Priest. EJ is a recent high school grad from Indiana who was nominated to be a guest by her Aunt Lori! In this episode, We talk about her past 10 years, the challenges she has faced, including her type 1 diabetes diagnosis, and how she has navigated celebrating her senior year in such an unprecedented season. She shares with us how she’s been able to maintain her passion for serving others during quarantine and what it looks like to love others well who might receive a similar diagnosis. I love when she says, “questions don’t offend me, questions show me that you care…and you want to listen.” Sometimes the best way we can love people is by asking questions and listening well.
In the second half of the episode, I chat with Christian Huff. Christian is a recent college grad from Auburn University (War Eagle!) and the husband of my dear friend, Sadie Robertson! In our time together, we got to chat about his time in college, how God spoke to Christian in meaningful ways and the effects that has had on his life since. From winning the little league state championship at 12 years old to moving to Louisiana during quarantine, and recently transitioning into marriage, Christian’s past 10 years have been nothing short of eventful.
While EJ and Christian might have different experiences and different backgrounds, one thing that is constant between the two is the ways in which God has made himself evident in their lives and is continuing to write their stories.

Happy graduation to all of the 2020 grads this year! We at the Happy Hour are so grateful for you!

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