As we enter this new decade, I thought it would be fun to talk to a few friends and reflect back on what life was like 10 years ago. In these conversations, you’ll hear guests speak about what God has done in their life, their dreams and goals, things they would have done differently, and things they’re most proud of. And, looking back always causes me to look forward, so we’ll also chat about dreams for the next ten years!

Today I’m talking with Bob Goff. Bob is a New York Times Best-Selling Author, lover of balloons, cake pops and helping people pursue their big dreams.  In 2010, Bob was commuting from his home in San Diego to his law firm in Seattle every single day. It soon became clear that it was time to land the plane on that chapter of his life, and he began working on his first book, Love Does. In this episode, Bob talks witch doctors, being a grandpa, making yourself available to God’s plan, and learning how to love people well. He reminds us that, although “sometimes we think we need to go across an ocean to make a difference, the message in the scripture is to go across the street; to love our neighbors.” I am so grateful for Bob’s time, his infectious energy, and his encouragement to lean into our moment, be fully present, and identify who we are, where we are, and what we want.

Be sure you check out Bob’s new book, Dream Big: Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and What You’re Going to Do About It. Dream Big is the book you need to uncover the wild and exciting dream for your life you’ve hidden from yourself–and help you take the steps necessary. Bob’s book releases in June 2020, you can pre-order now.

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