I met a sweet young lady tonight that is in her freshman year at Dallas Baptist University (DBU) and said that she is loving it.  I told her that I spent my first two years of college at ole’ DBU.  I normally cringe when someone tells me that they went to school at DBU and it was around the same years that I was there.  You see, I’m different now, still very much the same, but a lot of core things are just different about me.

I LOVE JESUS now.  That is a good one to start with.  I would have told you then that I loved Jesus, but if you watched my life for a mere 48 hours (especially Wed – Sun) you would have known that I clearly did not love Jesus nor even know what it meant to truly love him.  I knew about him.  Knew that I should and sometimes did truly love him, but my actions bore no fruit of any form of relationship with him at all.

The girl tonight asked me if I liked it when I was there.  I shrugged and gave the same answer that I always give.  Sure, I had lots of fun, probably too much fun.  But I was a different person then and clearly didn’t love Jesus while I was there.  The girl kinda chuckled and said that she didn’t know there were any bad people at DBU.  I thought in my head that clearly she hasn’t been there long enough or met any of the athletes.  🙂

freshman room mate

1996 – yes that’s me with my freshman room mate.  I was not aware of the openness of the buttons on my shirt so I have concealed the hoochie mama looks I had going on!

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