This is one of the nurses that was working in the clinic when I was there in January. I was able to watch her help a couple of burn patients with changing their bandages and applying burn cream to their skin. She had compassion for them and was a great worker. This is one of the many people that the clinic and rescue center employ.

Here is a picture of some of the nannies that work in the Rescue Center with the children. They have staff that is with the kids 24 hours a day. These ladies feed them, bathe them every day, play with them, clothe them, fix their hair and give them meds each day. These ladies are providing for their families with a full time job. What a luxury this is in Haiti. To have a job is something that we take for granted here. In Haiti it is tough to find a job. It is tough to find a job that feeds you while you are there. It is tough to find a job that pays you enough to support your family.

The RC and clinic employs 72 people total. There are 72 families that have income coming in each month. There are 72 families in their village that are able to feed their children and send them to school. There are 72 families that are working to support their family.

Would you consider donating some money today for their employees? Maybe you are a business owner and you would like for your company to match the paycheck of one of your employees each month and give that to RHFH for one of their employees. Maybe you have a nanny and you would like to make a donation to RHFH and dedicate it to the nannies that take care of these 60 children each day. Maybe you have a housekeeper and you pay her $60/month to clean your home. Would you consider matching that this month to RHFH for the ladies that do all the laundry for the RC and clinic?