The sickness is back and has hit Aaron with a bang.  He started feeling bad yesterday and by 11 was done for the night.  Poor guy …..

Today while Aaron was laying on the couching moaning sleeping the day away I had Oprah on in between laundry, dishes and jumping on the trampoline and noticed that the Trump family was on there.  All of them.  All of Donald's kids in one place.  The show was about famous families and a lot of the same things were said over over again.

Hard work.



Hard work.

Hard work.

Worth ethic.

One thing stood out to me so much that it made me stop in my tracks and think about my life.  Donald Trump, Jr was telling Oprah what he most respects about his dad.  He said that his dad had a great work ethic, and that he saw his dad start work at 7am and end work at 10pm.  His work ethic was what he most respected in his dad.

I looked at Aaron and although he didn't speak because he was moaning sleeping we were both thinking the same thing.  Well I am sure he was thinking the same thing, although all he did was moan, eh, I mean snore.  🙂

WORK ETHIC?  Seriously.  I pray to God that my kids never say that what they respected most about their mom or dad is that they worked all the time.

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*I have nothing against the Trumps, this just caught me as a weird thing to respect about your dad.

*I also have nothing against moaning sleeping on the couch when are sick.  I did it last week.