*Updated at bottom*

You ever have those days where nothing seems to go as you planned. Today is my day. Well it's not that bad, but I keep thinking if it gets worse I'm not going to be happy.

You see, Aaron is on the Student Life tour and this is my weekend to go. I've been looking forward to Atlanta for months now. I'm going with Aaron and we're staying an extra night and we're leaving our kids here with friends. A little getaway for us! It was even more special because we haven't had a real conversation in a month and this is a much needed weekend for us!

Today Aaron wakes up sick. He feels awful. This makes me so mad. Not at him, because he can not help it, but just at the situation. You see if he doesn't get better I can't go. Well I could, but how much fun would that be? If I get sick I can't go. If one of my kids gets sick I can't go. I'm being very selfish here, but I'm asking God why today. Why couldn't he get sick next Wed? This is not working into my plan!

So, today I have a million and eighty five things to do and half of those had to be put on hold or changed because of Aaron ‘s sickness. I have a million half finished things hanging in the air and hopefully some will get done today. I feel very over commited to a million things and am trying to keep my head above water!!! I feel like my house is a disaster and I have almost used a whole bottle of Lysol around the house. At one point I asked Aaron if he could cover his eyes so I could spray the couch he was laying on while he was there. 🙂 He didn't laugh! I said I was joking, but deep down I think I was serious!!! 🙂

Today was also supposed to be his doctor appointment for his throat. Yeah don't think they want sick boy coming in. So I called and had to reschedule it. The next available appointment was in 2.5 weeks. What? I reminded them he hasn't talked in 30 days and asked if he still had to not talk until then. She had to ask the doctor and call me back. While I waited I prayed and prayed and prayed for him to say he could talk. I need my husband back! I even debated as to whether or not I would lie and tell Aaron he could talk even if the doctor said he couldn't! Hey, I'm desperate here, don't judge me until you've been here!! All is well, he can talk moderately but no whispering and no yelling. Yeah he is back, and it required no lying on my part!

Anyhow this is my complaining post of the week! If you made it to the end of this you are a true friend, or very bored at work right now!!!!

If you are the praying type, could you pray for my hubby to get better. For his sake and for us. I really want to go to Atlanta!

*Update*  Aaron slept most of the day and we headed to the local walk in clinic by our house (which I LOVE) and they determined that he does NOT have the flu!!!  Yippee that makes me so happy!  He probably has a stomach bug that will probably last about 2-3 days.  He has literally been upstairs all day and hasn't been around the kids at all!  Almost out of Lysol – whenever he moves I spray!!!

Jamie Ivey