Recently I saw on twitter that Whole Foods was having a childrens program in their produce department one Saturday and so we decided to head down there and check it out. They always have fun stuff going on there and this just happen to work out where we could get there in time!


They said it was their first time to do this and I was so impressed.  This woman took my kids around the produce department for about 30 minutes and let them taste all kinds of fruit.  They loved it and so did we!  We love our kids to be exposed to all kinds of food and so this was doing just that from someone besides us.  I was so proud of my kids for trying everything they put in front of them!


We found some new fruits that we had never had that we loved and also some that we will never eat again!  It felt good to know that such a huge grocery store values good food and healthy eating that they will let kids walk around and taste all kinds of food for free.  They are also interested in my kids loving good food!


What fun things do you do to introduce your kids to new foods?