Goodness gracious day 14 was hard. Mentally it was hard. The entire day I was wishing I had committed to #whole15, which I didn't even know was a thing until two days before, but that's all my brain could think about on day 14. Then I got through day 15 and it was great. Now I'm moving on and will hopefully make it through these 30 days better than before.

I was thinking this week about why I'm doing this. My girlfriend, Staci, that's doing this as well asked me this when we started and my answer was for sure to clean out my body and hopefully lose some weight. As I am now 14 days in, I can see that I'm also learning to not need that diet coke, or Reeses cup, or tortilla with cheese on it when I've had a bad day. Those are all things I tell myself that I “deserve” because of the day I'm having, but in reality, they are a false sense of fulfilment. In those moments I want to run to Jesus, and actually want him to fill my soul in stead of a diet coke and chips to make me feel better. In all reality I do feel better when I purge myself on those foods, but it's temporary and as soon as the fulness is gone, the loneliness, or sadness, or frustration, or exhaustion hit me again.

So, my goal is still to lose a few pounds and clean myself out, but along the way I'm noticing that often my first reaction to an emotion that I don't want to feel is to feed it. I feed my emotions, and it's just not as fun to feed your emotions with almonds and apple slices, so in turn I'm having to turn to Jesus. What a concept, right? He's so gracious and loving and accepting of my constant choosing other loves before him.

So …. here's what I ate this week:

{DAY 8}

Breakfast: Glowing Green Smoothie + coffee

Lunch: I was at a luncheon for Polish and was so good. I ate salad (have no idea what dressing it was, but oh well), chicken (scraped off the cheese and skipped the rice underneath) and green beans. Didn't even look at the bread and sent the dessert spoon away when he took my salad. That way I had no way to even eat the chocolate pudding concoction that sat in front of me the entire time.

Dinner: First date night for me. I was nervous. We hit up Contigo and I did just fine. Honestly on the way there I started to panic a little and as crazy as this might sound almost asked Aaron if we could just go home. I didn't think I could do it. Everything I LOVE at Contigo involves friend foods, cheese and wine. I started to feel as though I couldn't have fun at our favorite date night place if I couldn't eat the foods I wanted to eat. Aaron talked me off the ledge and the night was fabulous. I had the bartender make me a drink that was basically sparkling water with cucumber and mint, then we had chicken meatballs (minus the parmesan cheese on top), the sausage plate, and the Bovette. Date night was great and I didn't cheat. I'm super proud of myself and think I just might make these entire 30 days.

Snacks: Almonds

Workout: 45 minute treadmill + weights


{DAY 9}

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs on top of Romaine lettuce

Lunch: Left over roast – that roast is the gift that keeps on giving around here for me!

Dinner: Chicken + Cauliflower

Snacks: Y'all I can't stop eating these gluten-free baked crackers. I clearly know I'm cheating, but I can't stop. I guess I'm not really doing this Whole30 all the way if I keep eating a few of these each day. I just grab a few and act like it's not a big deal. UGH!

Workout: spin class + weights


{DAY 10}

Breakfast: This was not good, but I forgot to eat breakfast. I just got so busy and had to be somewhere at 10 and breakfast never happened.

Lunch:  Then I showed up at the brunch and was wishing I had eaten. I might have cheated out of sheer necessity of not wanting to starve and pass out (a bit dramatic, maybe?). I had bacon, sausage, potatoes (I think this is okay?!?!?), and then an egg thing. That egg thing was great, but I think there was cheese in there. Not much b/c I couldn't see it, but I think I might have tasted it. What was I supposed to do, not eat?!?!?  Had I eaten breakfast this would have been easier. That was for sure my lesson in skipping breakfast. DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN!

Dinner: NeilGuy (an amazing meat that Aaron cooks so well), sweet potato mashed with cauliflower, and broccoli


{DAY 11}

Breakfast: scrambled Eggs + Sausage and veggies

Lunch: The roast that keeps on giving from last Saturday! I finally finished it.

Dinner: Stir-fry with veggies and tofu (gosh I don't think I'm supposed to be eating tofu, and I didn't eat that much in case)

Snacks: Almonds + those dang GF crackers I keep eating


{DAY 12}

Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: I made the same roast I made last week and it wasn't as good. In fact it was not good at all. I think roasts are meant to cook on low, and not high. Ugh.

Dinner: Taco's – ground pork + romain lettuce and sauteed spinach

Snacks: Plantain chips


{DAY 13}

Breakfast: I had a breakfast date with my oldest son and of course he chose Chick Fil A. I asked them to do grilled chicken for me and they did! Of course Cayden had a burrito and I wasn't jealous one bit. (Yeah Right.)

Lunch: boiled egg + larabar + pistachio's + green apple

Dinner: Left Over Stir Fry

Snacks: Almonds + beef jerkey

Workout: Walked one mile with the kids


{DAY 14}

Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Sweet Potato & Cauliflower mash + spinach salad with one boiled egg + cauliflower tabouli on top all while editing a podcast.


Dinner: Right now in Austin, every Wed, Thundercloud subs, is selling their sandwiches for the prices they were 25 years ago. Score for a family of 6! I had them make me a sandwich with no bread. Great meal!

Snacks: Almonds & some amazing sweet potato chips that my friend Staci dropped off at my house. That's what you call love!


Workout: 30 minutes on the eliptical


Two weeks down friends. Here's where things get tricky for me. I am traveling this weekend. I'm not concerned about the food, I can stay away, but I'm gonna want a glass of wine, I just know it. On one hand I'm like … it's not that big of a deal … on the other hand … I made a commitment. UGH! You know I'll let you know how it goes! So far my only cheats (that I know of) have been the most amazing GF crackers ever. I keep talking about them, because I love them so much!


Jamie Ivey