At the very beginning of this week I flew to DC to spend the weekend at the IJM conference. On the plane  I made the decision I had been needing to make since I started Whole30. I knew all along this weekend was within the thirty days and I would want to enjoy wine with my meals, but up until the plane ride I hadn't decided what I would do.

I finally came to the conclusion that I have done very well on this, and haven't cheated hardly at all. I mean those gluten free crackers some how make it into my mouth at least 5 days a week, but besides that I've done awesome. I have also seen myself use discipline and not run to food as a comfort for my emotions during these days, and so I decided that I could enjoy the wine and not worry too much about it.

{DAY 15} 

I have no idea what I ate today, but I do know that I did not cheat. 🙂

{DAY 16 – 19}

Okay so here's the deal with these dates. I was in DC and didn't keep track of my foods, but I can tell you this I did not eat one thing I wasn't supposed to. I think one time a piece of cheese snuck on to my beet, but it was not intentional. I passed up friend mac n cheese, pizza, truffle fries, grits, milk shakes, plus other amazing foods that I probably dreamed about at night after passing them up. Now, here's where I did cheat. Uh-oh here goes … wine.

I flew home from DC extremely proud of myself for not eating any of the foods I wasn't supposed to that were sitting all in front of me!

I told you guys I would be honest when I cheated, so I even took a picture of it so you would see the proof.

My wine + White House in the background!

My wine + White House in the background!


{DAY 20}

Breakfast: scrambled eggs + sausage

Lunch: left overs. Last week before I left I made three freezer meals for our babysitter to have with the kids. I made chicken tacos, Hawaiian chicken, and BBQ chicken. I used recipes from this website: Jam Kat's Paleo This was SO EASY and I will for sure make these again. Perfect to have in the freezer for baseball game days (seems like every day around here lately) and would be great to take to a new mom after having a baby.

Dinner: Aaron made the most beautiful looking dinner with venison and veggies. Seriously, I could eat this every single night and be beyond happy!


Snacks: almonds

Workout: Body Pump


{DAY 21}

Breakfast: breakfast taco from Taco Cabana with no tortilla – this was a big test. I was all alone in the car and could have easily eaten it, but I didn't. I held out! And y'all know that TC has some great tortilla's!!!

Lunch: leftovers from the weekend

Dinner: Slow Cooker Beef & Cabbage Stew – I think I've made this before and love it. Only problem was that my mixed veggies had corn in them. Oopsie. Also instead of cabbage I used kale, so it should really be called slow cooker beef & kale stew.

Snacks: almonds, banana's with almond butter (which is my new most favorite thing in the world)

I was telling a friend recently that I'm super proud of how I have done so far. What I'm getting a bit concerned about is how will I sustain this after the 30 days is up. I realized on my trip to DC that I ate great food, had a great time, and don't feel like my weekend was any less because I didn't enjoy fried mac n' cheese, or grits, or calamari, or french fries. I didn't eat those and still had a great visit to DC. Can I sustain that? We shall see.

Nine more days friends. Nine more days.

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