We are constantly talking about Amos and Story around our house. It seems that everything that happens we think of them and wish they were here.

This morning as Big Boy crawled in bed with us the conversations began. He was wondering when Amos and Story were coming home. I told him that it might be a long time, but hopefully by next Christmas they will be home with us. He then began to tell me how he wanted to hold his baby sister. He craddled his arms and rocked them back and forth and looked down as if he was truly gazing into the eyes of his sister. He said he would kiss her on the head and toes. He knows the rules around here … no kissing babies on the face or hands because they might get sick!!!

Then at breakfast the conversation continued when out of the blue Big Boy asked where Amos and Story would sit at the table. We were all sitting around the table eating and his little brain began to question where his new brother and sister would sit. We calmed his fears by telling him that by the time they get here we could buy a new table with two more chairs to make sure they had a spot at the table! Then his mind kept spinning and he asked where they would sleep. Before I could explain to him the fact that by the time they get home we won't be in this two bedroom house anymore and they'll for sure have rooms and beds to lay their heads down at night. He then volunteered his brother to share his crib with Story and he told me without a hint of hesitation that he would share his (twin) bed with his brother Amos!

I love that even though Amos and Story are hundreds of miles away they are so close to our hearts. They are close to my kids hearts and we talk about them every day. God is preparing them to share their homes, their hearts, and their lives with two complete strangers with whom God has chosen to be thier brother and sister.

I always pray that my children will have a wonderful relationship with each other. In all reality your siblings are your longest relationship on this earth. I pray that not only am I creating a good ground for love between my two boys at home, but also between their siblings that they've never even met yet.