Austin eating

If there's one thing that we love about this city is that it has amazing food to choose from! Aaron and I love to eat good food, and living here in Austin we get to eat at some of the top restaurants in the country.

For all you ladies coming in this weekend for IF I am gonna hook you up with some of our favorite places.

OUR Favorite places:

Uchiko: This is the “a bit more affordable” version of Uchi and honestly it's a bit more of our style than Uchi is. The happy hour is the way to go because not only do you get great food, but it's a bit cheaper. It's happier! I have yet to have anything I didn't love here, so dive in!

House Pizzeria: This quaint pizza place in on our side of town, and honestly it's a perfect spot for a great pizza, salad and glass of wine. My favorites are the blue pizza & the potato and goat cheese. Make sure you get a spinach salad too!

Maudie's: We love Maudie's, and I'm not sure if it's nostalgic because we've been eating here since we moved here and the waiters know our name, or if it's because it's just that good. I personally love the chips and salsa here and that's a big thing for me. I usually get the migas or Kimberly's special.

Polvos: You know us Ivey's love some Mexican food, and this is a place we have just discovered in the past six months and I must say that I'm a big fan. This place feels like a “hole in the wall”, but it's actually  not. Their salsa and maragaritas are amazing. Go with any of the enchiladas and you won't be disappointed!

Elizabeth Street Cafe: Oh how I love this place! It's a French Vietnamese blend and although I know that sounds crazy, it is actually amazing! This is also a perfect date night restaurant or girls night out. It's a great breakfast spot as well! We recommend you get some banh mi & any of the bun bowls for a great start!

2nd Bar & Kitchen: This is a great downtown restaurant that is a bit nicer, but as with all places here in Austin, some people can be dressed up and others in jeans and no one cares one bit. The pizza (go for the black & bleu) & burgers are amazing, but what Aaron gets every time is the kale salad + salmon. They also have fried pickles, which if there's one thing that I hope is available anytime I want in heaven it will be fried pickles!

Contigo: Oh Contigo how we love you. This is one of our favorite places and it's so close to our house that we end up here lots for a pre-dinner appetizer, or after dinner drink. I almost always get the rabbit and dumplings, and Aaron sticks to the bavette. You must get an order of the crispy green beans and white bean dip to start with. The El Pepino is my favorite drink here, and Aaron always gets an old fashion. I've had their burgers and they really are something to write home about! Oh and we can't forget their brunch. I love their eggs benedict and beef tongue hash.

Hill Side Farmacy: This is a cute place perfect for a day-date or a girls outing. They also have fabulous coffee drinks as well. I've always gotten a “numba 6” sandwich on gluten free bread and each time I leave more in love with this cute place than I was when I walked in. Aaron says they have great breakfast, but I've actually never eaten there for breakfast but I completely trust him on this one!

Mother's Cafe this one is a vegetarian restaurant that serves you chips when you sit down. So honestly can it get any better than that?!? I recommend any of the enchiladas or stir fry's. Their menu has so many options and you won't even miss the meat! Make sure you get a spinach salad and try not to lick the bowl for the left over dressing.

East Side King – Trust me on this one people. East Side King is located in the courtyard behind Liberty Bar. Make sure you have your ID and cash only or they will not let you in. This place is amazing. You need to make sure you eat …. everything. Seriously you can not go wrong here.

Figure 8 Coffee Shop – This is from Aaron. I know nothing about coffee shops. But he knows a lot, so I trust him.

Bufalina Pizza – You can't go wrong with this pizza! Please get the napoletano and thank me later!

Thunderbird Coffee Shop – Here's my go to coffee joint. I have been getting coffee and working here for years, so I'm loyal until the end. I frequent the one on 2222.

Backspace – Another pizza place, but this one is a bit different. Located downtown in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, they have a cute little restaurant where you feel as though you are not right off of 6th street. I can't think of anything here that I don't love, so enjoy it all!

La Condesa – A favorite for downtown eating. You must get their classic margarita, guacamole and street corn.  If you like ceviche, this place is great for that as well!

If you don't trust my suggestions, check out Austin360's top 50 restaurants.

*Also this list is so minimal because there are so many fabulous places to eat in this town! I could rewrite this list every month and there would be new additions each time!

What would you add to this list?