There have been two things in our marriage that we have both been on VERY different pages about and the LORD has led us to one decision. It is only God that can bring two stubborn headed people that want different things to agree on one thing. It is amazing to look back and see HIS hand on our marriage, life and decisions that we make.

Last year we started talking more seriously about school for Cayden when he goes to kindergarten. What would we do? I had always been open to home schooling for a few years, but then the thought of being responsible for teaching someone to read gave me a stomach ache. Also the thought of teaching one child while having three others run around sounded blah to me too. I had also been open to private school for a few years to get a good solid education under our belt before we headed out to “the real world” into public school. I was never open to public school for my five year old. N.E.V.E.R

Aaron was mildly open to home schooling. Not really, but also not 100% against. He was 110% against private and 100% for public. Do you see where we were in disagreement.

I said I would never send my five year old to public school and he says I will never send a kid of mine to private school.

We did not agree.

We discussed.

Still not agree.

I took him to THREE orientations for private schools.


No agreeing.

Then I began to pray and beg God to change my husband's heart. I mean seriously, how could I send my sweet five year old to public school.

I feared a teacher would be mean to him. I feared kids would laugh at him. I feared he would fall between the cracks. I feared he would get beat up by a very mean 5th grader. I feared there would be no Christian teachers around my son. I feared that he would never learn his multiplication tables b/c there would be 55 kids in one class.

I feared LOTS. I tend to do that.

I still prayed for Aaron's heart to change.

We talked about it again. I pulled up more websites to look at.


Then I prayed that God would change one of our hearts. Maybe even mine. Probably not, but maybe.

He did just that. I started hearing what Aaron was saying. I started seeing his points. I started looking at school for our kids from a different angle. I started to remember what our family's mission in life is. I started to remember the things we want to teach our kids.

I'll never forget the day it all changed for me. I was running and I ran past the school in our neighborhood where Cayden would go and I stopped and looked around. It was empty. I was in the car pool lane just standing there looking at the school.

It was as if God spoke to me and told me that HE would indeed watch out for Cayden. That he has a big plan for his life. That this is where he wanted him and ME for his first year of schooling. He made me realize that sending my son to school is not sending him away, but yet expanding our family ministry. I promised God something that day. I promised that I would be involved in his school. I would be involved with his teachers. I would do PTO. I would do lunch duty. I would do homework. I would volunteer. I would know the principal and the principal will know me. I made that vow that day.

I cried that day in the empty parking lot and asked God to protect my son, and to protect me. To guide us through the school year. To show us the needs he wanted us to meet in that school. To show us the teachers he wanted me to minister to.

So there you go. Next year Cayden will head to our local public school in our neighborhood. We are so excited about this. I feel 100% peace about this where as this time last year I was a wreck about this choice!