Lately a lot of conversations with Big Boy have begun with “When I grow up …”. It is hilarious because sometimes his little mind is just a working so fast that his words can hardly keep up. Sometimes when he wants to do something that is too big for him I'll respond with “maybe when you grow up” and so now he uses that phrase a lot!

Here are a few of the things I've heard lately:

When I grow up …
I will cook dinner
I will be a teacher like that man (pointing to the man helping me at Home Depot!)
I will go on a space ship
I will ride a motorcycle (I told him NEVER)
I will marry mommy (oh this melts my heart)
I will wear underwear like daddy
I will play piano like daddy
I will watch Spiderman

I think I want to come up with a list of my own for “when I grow up”!!!