Yesterday I made a very delicious dessert.  Oh my goodness was it sweet.  It had enough butter in it to make me know it was going to be over the top delicious!!  I have a binder where I keep recipes that I find in magazines and online that I want to make one day.  This recipe was from a Rachel Ray magazine.  I highly recommend it.

Cherry Breakfast Cake

Tonight I made dinner.  I  know I'm cooking too much these days!  Aaron and I worked all day on packing and he took a bike ride and I made dinner.  This was also from a Rachel Ray magazine.  We used to have a subscription and we loved it.  Lots of fun recipes!  Tonight it was Tortilla with Tomato Toasts for us.  Now I don't think the name goes with the meal, so let me explain.  It is potatoes and eggs cooked together.  I added bell pepper to my potatoe/onion mix.  Next time I'll add mushrooms and red peppers!  We also added freshly sliced tomatoes to the top when we ate and fresh cilantro.  Oh yummy!  We didn't do the toasts, but that would be yummy with it as well.

Earlier this week I made Confetti Salad which I found in my Family Fun July/August 2008 issue.  It was easy and great!

What did you make last week?  What's up on the plate for this week?

Jamie Ivey