Can a child live on bread, peanut butter, strawberries, grapes, banana's, yougurt, pasta, waffles, oatmeal and crackers? If not, then we're in trouble with little boy. This is basically his daily menu. I am happy that his bread and pasta is always whole wheat, and his peanut butter is all natural with no sugar. This child has made me eat my words too many times about children and eating. I always said that a child will eat whatever you give them. Offer them good food when they are little and they will continue to eat good food. HA is what I have to say to that now. I always said that I would NEVER make a seperate dinner for my kids. Little Boy has had his share of peanut butter sandwiches for dinner or else he would have starved by now! I think he may have accidently eaten one pea before. Last night I tried to trick him into eating some peas. I put some peas on the spoon under the yogurt – oh no he spit them right out! I offer him veggies at every dinner and I am usually thowing away his share after every meal.

Someone yesterday told me that their sister gives her son V8 juice to get in some veggies. I'm off to Target to give this a try. Pray he likes it. This kid needs some veggies!