I feel like lots has been going on and I haven't been good at updating you all with any of this. So, here goes lots of things ….

* I went to the dentist last week for the first time in over 8 years. I was rather cocky when I went in because I have NEVER ever had a cavity in my entire life. So, I was hoping that my dental record would continue to be so awesome! It didn't go that well for me … I need two fillings and need 2 or 3 gum grafts! What the heck! Gum Grafts! The hygenist told me that usually people older than 50 need these, not someone who is 29 years old. I have been told that I brush too hard. I always thought the harder the better. Gotta get em clean! Now I brush with an extra soft brush and not as hard. I had brushed my gums away. Oh and did I mention that we have no dental insurance! Ha Ha! I'll be checkign into that soon! I'll keep you updated on my gum issues.

* Big Boy has been doing swimming lessons for the past week in a half. He likes them and has fun. He has floated on back and front and put head under water and that is about it! Yesterday they did life jacket day and I could hear him scream from the other side of the house and I later found out that they had told him they were going to let go of him and let him float. He hates that! Obviously!

* We took the boys to the zoo last week and had a fabulous time. We even bought a year pass! Yippee!!

* I was finally able to attend church for the first time since June. Yippee!!! It was a fabulous day and I am loving being fed by the word of God by our pastors.

* Once again I have thrown out my back/neck today. UGH – this sucks! I was on the floor playing with Carson (our new dog) and just moved the wrong way and bam I was out for the count. Today I was in pain and finally decided to go to the doctor. I went to a chiropractor and loved it. I am still in pain and not feelign too well, but he did some aligning and I'm going back on Monday. I also visited a lady that does all kinds of tests on you to see what you are missing in your body with vitamins and minerals and she got me set up with some vitamins and I'll go back in about a month to see how I'm doing.

* Tonight Big Boy told us that he wants a baby in his belly. We talked to Aunt Kristen on the computer last night and saw how big her belly has gotten lately since baby Porter is due in November. We told him that unfortunately he will never have a baby in his belly. What a sad reality of his to find out that he'll never have a baby.

I must give an award to my hubby for being husband of the year today. He has done EVERYTHING around here. He has not once complained about me laying on the couch all day as he deals with the kids, does dishes, takes the kids on a walk, changes diapers, does baths, mops the floor, cleans up Carson's poop on the floor, and anything else that needs to happen around here. He has told me more than once to sit down and take it easy around here. It is hard when you know you need to do so much but your body hurts. He is amazingly wonderful and I am truly blessed to have him in my life. He has been very unselfish today and i love him so much for this.