My goal for reading this year is 36 books and so far I'm a bit ahead of schedule, and so I think I just might make my goal this year! Here's what I read last month:


The Tank Man's Son by by Mark Bouman

This book was sent to me for a sponsored post and I knew I would love it when I read that they compared it to The Glass Castle, one of my favorite memoirs I have ever read. In this book Mark takes on his childhood journey as he grew up with a father that was militant in his manners towards his children. Some of his stories that he shared seemed as though they were certainly scripts from a fiction movie, but oh no they were his life. He lived them.

This book is a great story of forgiveness and redemption. In the end there was reconciliation and that makes this story even that much better. I gave this book to my mom to read and she gobbled it up in a weekend and loved it. I would say this is a book that transcends genders, so buy it and let your husband read too!


For the Love by Jen Hatmaker

This book. I love Jen as a friend and so naturally I would love everything she puts out, but this one is so good. I read on an airplane trip and laughed and cried throughout the whole book. I was one time laughing so hard I had to put the book down because I thought my shaking was going to wake up the person next to me.

Jen writes in a style that is so easy to read and relate to. The tag line for this is “fighting for grace in a world with impossible standards” and don't us women want that!

This is a great book for you to read and to buy for friends in your life as well. (Hello teacher gifts!) Highly recommend this one!

Nearly Normal by Tracey Fields

This book is a collection of short blog entries from Tracey as she journeys through her adoption world. Tracey uses this book to paint a realistic picture of the ups and downs associated with adoption.

Tracey and her husband do a fabulous job of showing the glorious parts of adoption as well as the real struggles that parents and kids go through when they enter into this world of parenting.

Three very different books this month for me. What are you reading these days?