I have learned a few things today …..

  • There are lots of people that are willing to pray and encourage us.  For that I am extremely thankful!  More than any of you will ever know!
  • Haiti is uncertain.  I  knew this, why did i have a moment this morning where I forgot this.
  • Haitian adoption laws are crazy.  Sometimes they hold them up sometimes they don't.  I should not get worried about something that has not happened to us yet!  Haiti laws are constantly changing.
  • The best thing someone said to me today:  “faith does not grow in the house of certainty” – so this uncertainty will serve to grow your faith.   It will suck every single day – but it will ultimately mean amazing things for you and Aaron and the boys
  • same person said this …. You guys need to dig in — be prepared for a battle —- know that God will walk it with you — and know that there are those of us here and everywhere that love you and Story and Amos and will cheer and pray and pray and cheer for you all each and every step (or step back) of the way.
  • I am realizing that this is going to be a LONG and HARD journey.  NOT easy.  NOT smooth.  NOT predictable.  I need to get ready for the LONG HAUL of this thing.
  • another person reminded me of whose kids these kids really are … they are GOD'S kids.  he created them and molded them and put them in their mother's wombs.  He loves them more than I ever could.  I am taking comfort in that tonight as well.

So, after a morning of lots of tears I am fine tonight.  I am realizing that I can't let this bring me down every time something doesn't look “perfect”.  I am strong.  I DESIRE for God to mold me into a better person through this.  I DESIRE for God to build my faith through this.  I DESIRE for God to MAKE me trust in HIM only and not any lawyer, facilitator, or country.

I heard a Charlie Hall song tonight after my run and the words went something like this …. Jesus I am tired today.  Refine me in your refiners fire …. OH HOW THIS IS MY ANTHEM TODAY!

I will press on.

I will allow him to sustain me.

I will trust in him alone.

I will stay on the path he has set my feet upon.

Gosh I love those kids.  Could they be any cuter??

Jamie Ivey