I'm fully convinced of what Hell will be like for the people that end up there.  They will be given the task to renovate a house, pack up their old house, keep up their marriage, attend end of school events, unpack another house all while having a 6, 5, 4 & 2 year old running around!  Oh my word have the last few weeks been hellish around here!

Things have been hard, but the best part about the last few weeks is that THE IVEY'S ARE IN THEIR NEW HOUSE and loving it!  We moved in about 10 days ago and each day is spent with moving stuff around and trying to find a home for everything all while entertaining four children and having two cars in the shop and Aaron in and out of town.  Life is CRAZY to say the least!  So crazy, but yet it's our life and I LOVE IT so much!


The countertops and sink were both installed last week and they might be two of my favorite things in the house.  The sink makes me feel as though I'm actually on a farm and the countertops bring me back to the city. I love them so much!

Aaron has been home this week and it has been fabulous.  We not only spent last week without Aaron, but also w/out hot water, a kitchen sink, a dishwasher and countertops.  We were truly roughing it!!!  😉  ha!

As you might have noticed blogging has been on the VERY back burner of my daily to-do-lists!  Every day something happens with the kids that I want to document and by the end of the day I'm exhausted and fall into bed w/out writing or reading any blogs.  When i finally unpack the boxes from my office and find the cord to download the pictures from the camera that I'm borrowing (b/c I lost my charger to MY camera) I will upload lots of fabulous pictures and update you on our life these days!

Jamie Ivey