Tomorrow is a day I have been looking forward to for a very long time.  Aaron and I are leaving and getting away.  We're not going far, but where we're going there will be no kids begging for my attention and instead I'll have Aaron begging for my attention!!  🙂

This is a CRAZY month with travels for Aaron and let's just say we'll only be spending 10 nights together in our new house this month.  If you are counting, that is not a lot of time together.  This week Aaron has been busting his tail finishing up our home.  He truly is the man of my dreams and this week he has done nothing less than live up to that in my life.  Each day he spends his hours fixing up stuff around the house, unpacking boxes, making me throw stuff away, getting our van fixed and hanging with the kids.

So tomorrow we'll be getting the heck out of dodge as fast as we can.  All the kids are taken care of and of course they won't even miss us with all the peeps they'll have loving on them while we're gone a mere 30 hours!  I'm hoping for lots of talking between Aaron and I.  Lots of swimming.  Lots of laughing.  Lots of sleeping and lots of great food consumed.

Where do you love to get away in Texas?  I'd love to hear about it.  This will be our first time where we're going.  Next month I'm getting away with just the girls and I'm already counting down the days to that fun weekend!