We are at camp with Aaron this week.  I drove to my parents house on Monday morning and then finished up the drive today.  We are in Ruston, LA and from the looks of things there's not that much going on here.  The best thing we have going for us is that this hotel has an indoor pool!  Praise the Lord!  No sunscreen even needed!  I have a feeling we'll get in lots of swimming time this week!

Aaron and I have been doing this summer camp stuff for about 10 years now.  I can't even believe that, but it's true.  The summer that we got married he was at camp up until the Wed before our wedding.  🙂  We have spent many days apart from each other during the summer months, but fortunately for us we have also had many weeks together during the summer at camps.

Before kids I traveled with the band everywhere they went.  I was either a student and could go during the summer months, or a teacher and had the summer off.  None of the other guys were married, so I kinda just tagged a long.

Then after we had our first child I still went during the summer and usually drove my own car.  Those were fun times!  I remember Cayden screaming one night and Aaron getting so frustrated because he has to get up super early to lead worship!  OH the things we put our men through.

This is my first camp with four kids.  I wasn't going to go anywhere this summer, but we haven't seen Aaron much this summer and these kids miss their daddy, and so does this momma!  We broke up the 7 hour trip in two days because Amos and Story aren't used to long trips and just don't do well.  4 hours is about their max.

The drive was good and the kids made it fine.  We were all glad to get here today and see our daddy!  I do have to say that life on the road with four kids all 6 and under is hard.  I seriously don't want to sign up for any more trips and we have only been here for about 10 hours!

Hopefully I'll have some fun stories to share with you while we're here.   I had to pull out the mom voice and face a few times tonight.  I wish I could see myself when I do that.  I bet it is one scary sight!

So, I'm sitting in the hotel room with one little light from the bathroom while all the kids are sleeping. Aaron left to go get us salads from Chili's and when he gets back we'll sit on the floor and talk and eat our food.  Gotta love hotel rooms with 6 people in them!!!

Jamie Ivey