In September I journeyed to the Texas/Mexico border with a group of women through an organization called Welcome., along with World Relief and National Immigration Forum. Our goal for the trip was to meet with an organization that works on the ground with migrants as they journey to the US seeking asylum and/or immigration status. Another goal was to see and hear people on the US side and people on the Mexico side talk about their journey with immigration.

As I have returned many of you have asked things like:
“What can I do?”
“How can I be involved?”
“What did you learn?”
“Please tell me more about your trip.”

I want you to know that I left with more questions than answers. I also left knowing that I had seen the problem/issue with my own eyes. Therefore when I hear media talk about migrants walking thousands of miles seeking asylum I will remember the man we met. The man who told us his story through tears. The man who had no other choice to save his life other than leaving his country, his family, all he knows to seek safety in the US.

I have not been the best at writing out my thoughts after this trip, but many of these ladies above have, so here are the links to their thoughts:

Amy Julia Becker:
Welcome the Stranger
The Kids are not Okay
Responding to the Immigration Crisis with your Head, Heart, and Hands
Understanding the U.S. Immigration Crisis: 14 Recommended Resources
In the News: Refugee Admissions may be Drastically Reduced or Eliminated

Vicki Courtney:
What Does it Really Mean to be Pro-Life?

I also want to encourage you to watch the film, “Who Is Welcome Here” This film goes behind the headlines and follows three Christian women as they visit Southern Mexico to learn more about the migrant crisis. We meet Heather MacFadyen (Don't Mom Alone podcast), LaTasha Morrison (Be the Bridge), and Briana Stensrud (Welcome. Team) in their U.S. homes and listen to their questions, anxieties, and concerns. Then we journey with them to Mexico, where they visit migrant shelters, speak with other traveling mothers, and hear from officials, leaders, and migrants about what's really happening. They share their reflections and consider what's next based on what they have seen and learned.

Small and large group discussion guides, as well as many other resources are available for download today at

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Friends, I still have so many thoughts and stories in my head and heart from this trip, and these resources are a great place to start to learn more.

Jamie Ivey