Today at the PE class that I teach once a week for homeschoolers a funny conversation went down between me and one of the elementary girls. As I was hanging out around second base where Allison* was playing she told me that her mom is making her wear a bra now. She went on to complain about it itching and being embarrassing to have to wear one. I told her not to be embarassed that we all have to wear them.

As I was driving home and thinking of this poor, sweet, little girl I chuckled to myself thinking of all the more embarassing moments she has to come as she grows into womanhood. From everything to wearing lipstick that is way too red for her, or having a bad period day (we all remember those embarrassing leaking episodes from middle school), or finding out at the end of the day that yes her panties with the yellow daisies on them were in fact showing through her cream shorts the entire day! We have all had those moments as we were growing into our womanhood.

Thankfully no one remembers your embarassing moment the way that you do. When you think you'll never live it down, everyone soon forgets the silly things that happen to us.

So, to Allison, get ready because becoming a woman is not fun but we all have to go through it! One day you'll look back and remember the itchy bra that your mom made you wear and how you thought everyone noticed, but really no one did!

*All names have been changed to protect the innocent elementary school girl who would be mortified if she knew I talked about her on here!!!!