One of the things that I love about being back in Texas is that we get to see my parents, my brother and his wife, their kids, and Aaron's parents more than we did when we lived in TN.  Now that we're in Texas, Aaron's brother, Tim, & his wife, Joanna, have moved to TN with their two girls.  We miss them!

Recently the kids and I headed to my parents house for the weekend.  It is always worth it for me to go there, because even though we're out of our element and away from our home, it is restful for me because my mom does all the work.  She cooks for us and will get up early with the kids and let me sleep.  Now, I'm always tired when I get home because who sleeps that good when you aren't in your own bed, and who sleeps that good with two kids in your room?!?  Not me.


When we are at my parents we drive around the camp in the back of my dad's truck and I yell “sit on your bottom” the whole entire time and try to not stress myself out to much!  I'm so scared someones going to fall out and bust their skull open, even though dad's driving a snail's pace and mom and I are back there and they are all on their bottom for fear of mom/aunt losing her mind right there in the back of the truck.

How cute are these kids?  I can tell that Porter thinks that Cayden is hilarious and Deacon is trying to tell Lilly to look at the camera and of course Story's in her own world sticking her tongue out.  Amos didn't make the picture because he was refusing to be in it, so I told him he didn't have to.  When he's 15 and asks why he isn't in some pictures I'll have to tell him what a stinker he was some times when we were taking pictures!  He'll love me for sure!


There we go!  All the cousins on the Beakley side of the family are there.  So stinking cute!

Play time at the park:

*this might be my most favorite picture of Story in the past few weeks!*

Do you see what a miracle it is that all six of these kids are looking at the camera at the same time?!?!  Beautiful!  Love them all so much!

Nothing beats playing in the sprinklers at Nana & Pops house!

How precious is this face?

Cayden's new favorite trick with his long hair!

Deacon played football with Uncle Jordan all afternoon.

Speaking of Deacon …. is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen???

We welcomed Jordan & Kristen into the 30's!  I hear they are the new 20's!

Nothing says small town more than a CATFISH FRY and of course we went to one on our way out of town!  Funny thing is that Aaron and I went with my mom to this same fish fry nine years ago and had ZERO kids and now I'm back with FOUR!  Oh what nine years can do to you!

My kids LOVED it.  I mean, who wouldn't love catfish.  I think this was a first for all of them.  It might have been the first time some of these people had seen a white mom with black kids, but no one stared too long.  Although it could be the gigantic tattoo on my arm that the old people noticed first, I'm not too sure.

Anyways, I love supporting a local volunteer fire station and the people here were super nice to us as they served us our food!

Jamie Ivey