What a fabulous weekend we had!  We drove to the big city of Prosper, Texas to hang with our good friends The Gayharts!  Amy and I have been friends for 20 years.  We keep saying that we're going on our anniversary trip this year … we'll see where we end up!


The kids had a blast playing together and only one kid ended up with a black eye!  I call that success!


Jack had a football game on Saturday and I do say I think he had the best cheering section out of all the players!!!



After the game we ended up at IN & OUT burger and I must tell you that I had a beef burger for the first time in probably five years.  Please don't get mad at me, but I thought it was just okay.  Don't get me wrong, it was good.  BUT I'd take a veggie burger from P.Terry's any day over that.  🙂  Their fries were delish and I loved seeing them cut the potatoes right in front of us!


It was lots and lots of fun!  My kids were crazy and probably drove her kids crazy.  I always feel like my kids are super loud when we're around other kids.  I guess I'm used to it around here or I tune it out around here, then when we're around other people I tune them back in!


As I promised, here are the winners of the TABLE TOP TRUTHS give away that I hosted last week.  Thanks for spreading the word and I'm so happy for Jessica & Nicole Quiring that won!  Email me your address and which mats you want and they'll be on their way to you!!!!

Here are your random numbers:

63	22

Timestamp: 2011-09-12 18:45:26 UTC



Just for fun I'll leave you with this picture of my sweet Story girl last summer at John & Amy's house!  Enjoy!



How cute is that!!!