Looking back over last night I'm amazed at God's provision over us.  We are alive and home.

About an hour outside of our final destination – HOME – we pulled into a gas station b/c a certain someone had to go potty with less than an hour to drive until – HOME – … um that would be me!  Don't you love that dad!  My dad used to get so mad when I would have to go potty less than an hour after we left home or less than an hour before we were home … anyhow back to last night.

While we pulled in we felt a tug and then we couldn't go anymore.  We all got out to investigate and handy-man-Bush and tag-along-handy-man-Aaron discovered that the axle in the trailer was broken.  The two wheels on the right side were literally stuck together b/c one couldn't move.  I have no idea what that means, but I did know we weren't going anywhere and that trailer didn't look good!

So our friend Jesse has a towing truck that he works and he drove all the way to help us.  As he was getting it up on the trailer bed the rope ….not really a rope, but i don't know the technical term ….. BROKE.  the trailer then went flying back down to the road.  OH MY GOODNESS.

A couple of things I thanked God over and over on the road home last night.

#1 – if the axle had broken while we were driving down the freeway at 70+ mph there could have been some MAJOR damage to cars and people.  Thank you Jesus I had to pee when I did!

#2 – had that rope thingy on the tow truck broke while Jesse was under the trailer fixing something it would have killed him. Thank you Jesus no one was near it when it went flying down.

#3 – had that rope thingy broken while the tow truck was driving home going 50+ mph there could have been some major damage to cars, people and all the gear in the trailer.

I'm thinking God today for his provision on us last night.  I'm also thankful for our fabulous friend Jesse who literally bailed us out last night.  I'm thankful for a sweet man named Pat who stopped at the gas station to help us out.  I'm thankful for the video player in the van so the kids were content the whole time.  I'm thankful for Bush & Aaron for getting us all home safely last night even if it was 2am!

So …. now I'm off to unpack and repack b/c we're leaving this house in 1.5 hours to drop the kids off with Tamara and Jesse and then get on a plane for Austin!  Yippee!  I'm looking forward to this trip for many reasons, but here are a few ….

#1 – reconnecting with Aaron.  Yes we've been together non-stop for 9 days, but the conversations that are meaningful have been few and far between.  During these 9 days he has been working, we've been out of our home, so the kids are a little off, and we've been at the beach.  Our best “couple” time was our date night at the beach.  So …. here's to reconnecting with  Aaron while in Austin for a few days

#2 – we are house hunting!  Yipee!!  we're going to be looking for  a sweet little rent house to live in for the next year.  we want a place for guests and enough room for when our family adds to new sweet little kids to it!

#3 – we're going to the STONE – I love going to church there.  It won't be long until I get to go EVERY week!  From what I hear lately Carter is bringing it and I am ready to feel the heat.

#4 – i'll be away from my kids for 3 days straight.  Now I love my kids dearly, but this momma needs a break!  9 days at the beach was a lot of momma time!  This makes #1 happen, and we are so grateful for the Cosby's and Shingleton's for loving on our kids while we're gone!

Off to pack …..

Jamie Ivey