One of my worst fears in life is something happening to one of my kids, or my husband.  I'm working through these fears more this year than I think I ever have, and asking God to show me that HE is truly all I need.  If I have to be completely honest with you, I was a bit hesitant about reading this book I'm about to tell you about.  I knew two things about it.  #1 This little boy gets cancer.  #2 The little boy lives.  (I'm not giving anything away, it's on the back of the book!)


WEDNESDAY'S WERE PRETTY NORMAL:  A BOY, CANCER AND GOD was a fabulous book.  Michael Kelley did a fabulous job of taking you through the journey that I'm sure he wishes he would have never had to go through. I was worried that I would have nothing to relate to this book, since none of my kids have cancer.  I also worried that this book would bring about more of my fear that I struggle with about my kids getting sick and leaving this earth.  Let me tell you that this book resonated with my heart so much, that I found myself underlining all over the book.  Also this book did not bring about fear in my heart about something happening to my kids, but yet it did the opposite.  It brought about confidence in a God that is in control and that no matter what happens he is in control, getting glory, and bringing good through it.


One of my favorite parts of this book was how Michael talked about Jesus and the story of when his friend Lazarus had died and he waited four days to go and visit Martha and Mary.  He talked about how Martha and Mary reacted to Jesus' decision to wait and not come right away.  The anger that they might have felt and the hurt that Jesus, the one who could have cured him, did not come right away.  The way he described this whole scene had me weeping.  Mary wanted answers from Jesus, and she fell at his feet in tears.  She asked him what she wanted to hear, “why did you not come?  If you had been here, my brother would not have died.”


At this point in the book I was bawling.  Maybe because I was in the waiting room as Deacon was having another surgery.  I was probably asking my own questions to God.  “Why my son?”.  “He doesn't deserve this.”  “I wish you would just heal him already!”  (I wrote about reading this book while waiting for Deacon's surgery HERE)


I felt Mary's pain so much.  She was so broken from her brother and so in need of the comfort from Jesus.  Michael Kelley then truly brought me to tears as he described what Jesus did next.  I wish that I could write for you the whole next three pages, but that would be a lot of writing and a lot of quotes …. I'm telling you it is good.  In fact, as I re-read this now I'm crying again.


As Mary cried at his feet the bible says “He was angry in His spirit and deeply moved.” (John 11:33)  I will quote Micheal Kelley here:

Jesus understands better that we do that many times the most effective way for the glory of God to be advanced is through the suffering of His people.  He is the God of the cross, the one who endured great suffering Himself for the glory of God.  So He, more than anyone else, understands that suffering is an incredibly powerful avenue for God's glory to go out.  He knows it, but He doesn't have to like it.  I think that's why He was angry.  And I think that's why, as we see in verse 35, He wept.

In His tears you can almost hear His explanation:  “I am so sorry that it has to be this way.”


Oh the tears for me.


I am telling you that this book will minster to you.  If you are struggling with waiting on an adoption, this book will resonate with you.  If you are struggling with someone you love having an illness, this book will move you.  If you are struggling with the loss of a loved one, this book will minister to you.


I will leave you with this, and then tell you how you can get a free copy of this book from me!


In taking God as our refuge, we must also realize that these circumstances are in our lives because He has sen fit for them to be there.  That's the whole truth.


It's a journey of trying to embrace the fact that God is our refuge but not a comfortable one to hold onto.  It's a journey of realizing that He is our safe place, and yet He is not safe at all.  It's a journey of realizing more and more of what it means to walk deeply with God and all the doubt, fear, anxiety, peace, and joy that come with it and how those things can possibly coexist together.


I can't wait to get this book in your hands!


I have one book to give away to a very luck winner!  I'm gonna give you five different ways to enter.  You do not have to do them all, you can do however many you like to do, but the more you do the more chances you have to win.  For each one that you do, make a separate entry!


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Have fun!  Good luck and enjoy this video from the author!



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