good morning to you all!  I had a great night and things are going well.

last night was a bit overwhelming.  amos is not scared of me, but also not too interested in me either.  he doesn't just come up to me.  but if i get him he comes to me and lets me love on him and hold him.  he is still not feeling well this morning and that breaks my heart.

last night i put amos to bed and he fell asleep quickly.  story went to bed too and i was ready to get up in the night and find my way around the house to get a bottle ready for her.  i was so afraid i would not wake up because i'm not used to getting up int he middle of the night with a baby anymore.

we made it and i fed her about 2:30 and she spit up all over me and then she slept and I fed her again about 5:45 and then she slept until about 9ish.  she was great.  she is taking about 4 oz at her feedings with me.

amos is still not feeling well.  when i finished feeding story i checked on him and he was burning up so i gave him some motrin and went back to bed.  then as i remember from last time once the sun is up EVERYONE is up!!!  with there being no electricity (lici has it all the time!) the people go to bed early and rise early!  the roosters were a crowing and the  men next door were pounding on the building renovations about 6:30 am!!!  I was so exhausted!

I went to check on Amos and i ended up putting him in  bed with me.  i made him snuggle with me!  he obliged me and it was great for me.  he fell asleep and then Story was up so i put her in bed with us on my chest and we all three slept.  i was praising God before i drifted back asleep for allowing both my kids to be in bed with me.  it was a sweet moment.

licia's dad made scrambled eggs for breakfast and amos hasn't eaten and still feels hot.  they were thinking it could be malaria but we're not sure.  we started him on malaria medicine yesterday just in case.  i wish that he wasn't feeling so badly.  as i've been typing this whole thing he's been on my chest resting.

two GREAT things have happend with amos and i.  they are VERY small, but VERY big in my heart.

last night after all the boys (licia has 3 boys) finished brushing their teeth licia told amos in creole to go and give his toothbrush to his momma and without even hesitating he brought it over to me.  i had no idea what she had said and when she told me it brought tears to my eyes.  i had to ask her again exactly what she said just to be safe!

then i got my first kiss this morning.  remember the box of cars i got him with his name on the bag.  i gave him that as soon as we woke up and asked for a kiss in creole and sure enough his big lips opened up and enclosed my lips for a great big sloppy kiss.  i couldn't get one yesterday and haven't had another one since, but isn't that great that i got one this morning!

i feel so blessed to be able to be here at licia's house and stay with my kids for a week.  story is great and such an easy baby.  i'll hopefully get the bouncy seat set up for her today and that will help her out.  amos is a beautiful little boy, but sometimes i look in his eyes and see nothing.  i know there is so much in there and i know God will bring it out.  it is hard for me b/c he is sick and so he hasn't been very lively, but i am getting lots of snuggle time b/c of that.

haiti is haiti.  this time i'm closer to the mountains.  in fact if you look out their front porch there are the mountains.  the trip up here was uneventful and the road to their house is AWFUL!  so bumpy.  if you follow licia and lori's blog i saw the place where the water washed out the village and the pictures don't even do it justice.  crazy.

the weather:  not too bad.  in the house it is very comfy with the air blowing through and the fans on.  in fact, this morning i got cold with my fan on me.  🙂  i haven't been out in the sun, but it looks hot!

i went to tour the rescue center last night and the babies were all in there getting ready for bed.  licia pointed out many that i had seen on the blog and updated me on their process.  some of these babies are literally LEFT in the front yard in hopes that licia will take them in and help them get better … just put amos down for a nap in my bed and got story up b/c she was screaming … some of the kids have been in the RC a handful of times all with the same thing … kwash .. lack of protein.  so simple, but yet so devastating.

i'm missing all three of my boys.  i didn't get to talk to aaron last night and will try again soon.

i'm off for now … i need to make a bouncy seat for my story!


Jamie Ivey