Here are some mid week blogs that I'm liking and want you to know about.

Here is an adoption fund raising site. I know several of you have asked about raising money for your adoption. This is a great site to help and encourage you. You could also list your fund raiser on the site and hopefully that would help too.

This mom recently posted about the adoption journey. It is so easy to look around and see people adopting like Angeline and Brad (I DETEST this comment) and think how great they are and not truly understand the journey. Heidi wrote about that REALITY of that journey. Great article. Loved it.

This same mom wrote about a conversation with her new daughter from Ethiopia on her adoption blog. Oh how I long for the day my kids are home, but honestly I DO NOT look forward to these conversations. I know they are bound to come and we will embrace them and follow God's voice on our journey. I pray now for my children to know the love that their heavenly Father has for them in this life. Read about this recent conversation here.

Aaron and I are hopefully getting tattoo's this weekend in Atlanta.  Here is his idea.  Not sure about me yet.  I'm always wanting something to represent my family and my kids but don't want it to be cheesy.  Any ideas?

The Johnson family has received their immigration approval to adopt from Malawi.  Yippee for them!  I love showing you these kinds of things.  Head on over there and tell them congrats!