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I did something this past week that I hate.

It seems as though everyone has some very strong feelings about this either way, and so maybe I shouldn't use the word hate for this.  I mean hate is a big word with big meanings, at least that's what we've been teaching our kids lately when they say that they hate something.

So let's start over.

I did something this past week that I'm not much of a fan of.

We put up our Christmas tree before Thanksgiving was even started.  I know, awful, right?!

You see, I'm a huge fan of letting Thanksgiving have its day before we move into Christmas.  I feel like Thanksgiving gets jipped in the whole holiday deal.  I mean come on, can't we be thankful before we get greedy for stuff around Christmas.

But this holiday season we're out of town for Thanksgiving and by the time we get back it'll be December 1st and I just really want the tree up when it's December.  You see my dilemma.

Anyway, I convinced Aaron to put up the tree and he tried his best to have a good attitude.  (Little known fact about Aaron – he hates to put up the tree  – well like I said, hate is a strong word – he dislikes very much putting up the tree)  I tried to create a fun, family atmosphere and in the first 10 minutes we had a broken ornament, a hole in the floor, and a nativity set with baby Jesus plain broken out of Mary's arms.  Needless to say I wasn't even happy, and I don't think baby Jesus was happy that he got ripped out of his moms arms either.

We finally got the tree up, ate a fabulous meal and even played ELF for the first time.  Life was good.

I found out that night that we can have Thanksgiving even with the Christmas tree up.  Turkey, dressing, and mashed potatoes taste the same even with the Christmas lights shining in the corner!

It's all good people.

Do you have strong feelings about this?  When do you put your tree up?