Most of you that follow our blogs know about our friends the Livesay's. We talk about them lots for a few reasons. #1 we love them. #2 they do cool stuff in haiti & #3 they are our friends.

Right now they are kinda “stuck” in America and are yearning to be back in their home of Haiti. I hate this for them, but selfishly I am loving how often we get to see this family. We have seen them more in the past few weeks than in the past 2 years combined. Our families went to Sea World together, they visit our church often, have stayed in our home and even drove down just to see Aaron play a show.

To say that I love this family would be an understatement. This family has taught us so much about living on mission. We met them through the world wide web way back in 2007. I began following anyone I could find living in Haiti after my first trip there in 2006. Then in 2007 I scheduled a trip with them to lead a group in May of 2008. That's when we first met. That was such a fun team and trip and it was great to meet this family that we had been following through their blog face to face.

I even dreamed last night night that I flew to Haiti and went to visit them. I flew there with my bike (yeah I don't have a bike) and when I got through security at the airport (that was outside) I then just got on my bike, called Tara to tell her I was coming, and started riding towards their house. It was a cool dream.

Anyhow … this post really has no meaning except to say that even though their life sucks now and with every breath they wish they were back in Haiti, we are TRULY enjoying every second we get with them while they are here.

Livesay's – we love you and cherish your friendship. Thanks for being real and transparent with us. We pray you get back to Haiti VERY VERY VERY soon!