In 2009 we bought our kids a trampoline for Christmas and I think it was the best money we have ever spent as parents!  My kids are on this thing every single day that they play outside.  What great exercise and I hear it's good for kids that have sensory processing disorder (which is a whole different topic for another day, but I think Amos might have a form of this).

The kids from the neighborhood flock to our backyard for jumping time, and just this morning Deacon finally completed a back flip all by himself.  Yes he lands on his head kinda, but it won't be long until that kid is doing a complete flip and landing on his feet.  He's a jumping machine.

I freak out if they don't zip the net and wonder how I could have parented in the 80's when we all jumped on trampolines and there was no such thing as a net.  I still have a large scar on my knee where I feel through the springs and cut open my leg!


What is the best toy/activity/thing you have bought for your kids?

Jamie Ivey