I am confident that Aaron and I are doing at least one thing right in our parenting. We may fail at many other things, but this one thing is going strong. I know that my kids will know that their daddy loves their mommy so much and loves to be with her. The other day we were leaving for small group and a babysitter was coming so we were explaining to big boy that Ms. Amanda was coming over to watch him while we were gone. He then asked daddy if he was taking mommy on a date. How cute! He knows that daddy often takes mommy on dates!

If you don't know how wonderful Aaron is to me, here is an example – he does ALL the grocery shopping! Yes, he does all the major stuff. It is wonderful. I guess since he does most of the cooking he would be the ideal candidate for the shopping! Often times on his grocery trips he will bring me flowers home. Tonight at dinner Big Boy was talking about the flowers. He told me that daddy brought me flowers because he loves you! My heart nearly melted. He knows that Daddy loves Mommy!

So, to my future daughter-in-law's we are trying our hardest to raise men who love Jesus, and adore and respect their wives with all that is in them. I know that my boys are getting a great first hand demonstration of that on a weekly basis!

Aaron I love you!