I truly think we have one of the best dentist offices in all of Austin!  I was so happy when I found this place for numerous reasons, so I'll just tell you a few ……

Our dentist is a woman.  I love for my kids to see that not all doctors are men.  They are growing up seeing that people that take care of them are both men and women.  I love that.

Our dentist is black.  You have no idea how hard I searched for a black pediatrician when we moved to Austin.  I had no luck, although I am equally happy with our pediatrician (who is not black, but also a woman!), but was super excited to find a dentist that is black.  Our dentist is from Ethiopia, married and also has children.

When you go to our dentist there is free coffee.  No joke.  Love it.  They take all my kids back and I sit in the quiet waiting room and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while my kids are all medicated taken care of!

The ladies in this office are top notch.  Christiane who works the front desk is phenominal and remembers all the patients.  She has even offered to come over and help me with Story's hair.  Her and the doctor got together samples of their favorite hair care products and sent me home with them once.  Oh and the doctor and one of the hygenist came to my Pampered Chef party a few weeks ago.  So nice of them!

The chairs have tv's attached to them that you can watch tv while you are getting worked on.  That means two times a year I get to watch The View will my mouth is wide open and someone is scratching my teeth with those crazy sharp things!

They are great with kids!  Not only do Aaron and I go there, but also all four of our kids go there.  They have never been scared and the ladies make them feel so comfortable and safe.  Did I mention the tv's?  Yeah my kids love those!!!

So, if you are in Austin and need a dentist I have the place for you!


Dr. Temesgen