We are home.

It was a long day for me. I was so super nervous to meet her and get her from Jess. She did fabulous today. The hardest part for both of us was when we were “randomly suggested for an intense search in security”. Are you kidding me?

It was awful! I had to set her down on the chair and she cried the whole time. Then someone started speaking creole to her and I heard he saying “momma”. So i had to correct her and make sure she wasn't telling Fedna i was her momma. Then the girl would really cry. For real it was awful. But we made it.

She did great on the plane. Slept the whole way from FL to Dallas. Then the flight from Dallas to Austin was about 10 min. 🙂

She's not sure of the dog. She seems to always have one eye on him at all times. She is not too fond of her bed. She's asleep on my chest right now as I type. Thank goodness Aaron and I have big bed now!

Plan for tomorrow is bath, liquid breakfast and then off to doctor. She is a sweetie pie. I'm praying for her momma and papa tonight. Praying peace in their hearts. I took advice from a blog friend Tanya and had pictures of her mom and dad waiting for her and we looked at them tons tonight and she kissed each one. She smiles so big when I show her those pictures!

Okay I'm pooped. Off to bed!