Got this email from our adoption facilitator in Haiti late last night:

Yes we are finily making progress!!!!
We found the certificate had never been recorded in ANY book so that is why we have been unable to get the archives. It is regestered now and in Jan we will have the archives that has been holding everything up

Yes you read that right …. we are finally making progress.  Oh how I smiled so big as I read this early this morning.  It is still just as hard waiting on Amos, even though Story is here.  My mind doesn't go to the deep dark places b/c I've seen God work, and I'm just plain busier with three kids.  BUT Amos is always on our minds.  We are constantly begging God to make his perfect timing NOW and bring him home!

Would you please pray for Amos over these next few weeks.  He's a smart kid and knows that he is not home.  He misses his Papa, Momma and sister.  He had spent the last year and 10 months with her every day and now she's gone.  He misses her and loves her dearly.  I can not wait for that reunion!