While we were at the RC we were able to see how they were getting water out to the people in the surrounding areas. After the hurricane there has been no clean water for the people. The pipes were broken all throughout the area and because of that no one has clean water. Now the people must resort to drinking, bathing, cleaning and everything else with the water from the river. Which on a “normal” day is a lot cleaner but still not good for you and now it is dirty and very not good for you.

RHFH was paying people to bring water up from the river all day long in buckets. They would then take all that water and run it through filters to clean it. This is a great idea, but you can only filter so many buckets and the filters that they had could only do so much.

This is the man that was doing the filtering. In the orange bucket right behind him they would pour the water over a towel to try and catch some of the dirt. Then they would take that water and run it through the filters and then they would fill up the buckets with the clean water. Someone would be doing this ALL day long. Those filters were running continuously to get clean water for everyone at the RC and people in the village. They would NEVER be able to provide all the water that people needed, but they were doing all that they could do.

The people come to this window

And they bring their dirty buckets

Someone cleans these each day with bleach and they are used to put clean water in to give back out to the community. So they have a great system going on with people bringing dirty buckets to get a clean bucket with water in it. Amazing.

While I was there a man came by to visit that has a machine that can filter A LOT of water in one hour. I mean A LOT. I think I heard that RHFH was getting one, but haven't seen it yet. Pray that they do because this could mean a lot to the people of Cazale and surrounding villages.

It is amazing how much RHFH will do for the people around them. They were employing people to run this water filter and to bring water in all day long from the river. Those are jobs. I know that many of you helped provide money to RHFH to help with this. After the hurricane I suggested $30 to help with the costs of water. You all stepped up the plate and many of you donated that and beyond. Thank you so much! You helped RHFH be the hands of Jesus to these people. They not only offer them water, but RHFH also tells people about THE living water that only Jesus can supply. The living water of Jesus. Thanks to you all that helped.

“everyone who drinks of this water, will be thirsty again. But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty forever. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water, welling up to eternal life.” – Jesus

***UPDATE – today Licia posted about the new water system they have – it looks amazing!