Any of my out of town friends want to buy a super rad shirt?  I know that the race is over, but honestly that doesn’t matter and you won’t care when you get this amazing t shirt!  Or maybe you are a runner or biker or anything else and you want a great shirt to work out in.

I have the shirt(s) for you!

I’ll even pay the shipping.  Dang that makes me a good friend! You guys rock and since I had about 10 people email me about this (which is about 9 more than I thought would!) I’m not gonna pay for anymore shipping.  Good thing for the people that already contacted me!  I’ll gladly still buy you guys shirts, just add $5 for shipping costs to any new people that email me.  You know who you are that have already contacted me!

Email me:

jamie @ aaronivey (dot) com

*** Regular tee’s are $15 (kids sizes through adult) & Running shirts are $25

*** The sales of these shirts benefit the ABBA FUND at our church, The Austin Stone Community Church.  What a cool feeling to know that when you buy this shirt you are helping a family bring home a child!  Love that!

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