This last week at Kid Stuff at church we were talking about Daniel chapter 1. This is where Daniel and his buddies refused to eat the king's food and ask to be able to eat their own food. We were talking about how God is in control and in charge even when it's hard. This lead me to talk to them about the fact that in some countries you can't even go to church without getting in trouble. Some of the girls were amazed at this and couldn't believe it.

I wanted so badly to tell them the story of the people that were just executed in Afghanistan for talking about Christianity, but I didn't. I figured that might be too much. Although I wish I had. I want my kids to know this stuff. Anyhow we talked about how in China and Iran that there are underground churches where people sneak around to go to church so that they won't be killed. This one sweet little innocent girls eyes were huge and she couldn't believe this. I asked them if they thought they would still go to church if there was a chance they could be killed. This sweet girl pondered and then said, “nope I don't think so.” She went on to be completely honest and tell us that she would pray at night but she didn't think she could go to church if there was the risk of getting killed.

I smiled at my other teacher and respected and valued her honesty. You see she wasn't trying to impress us with saying how of course she would risk her life. It is easy to say that in our comfy church here in the US. If all of us grown-up, seasoned Christians were asked we would surely say very proudly that we would have no problem with this. Since that day I have thought about this daily and wondered about how I truly would act if I were in that situation.

The 5th graders honesty is something I value so much. They tell it like it is and for that I'm grateful to be teaching them. This fall I'll be teaching at the 11:15 over at st. john's campus with two very cool girls! Would you like to join us? We are still looking for some great teachers at this location and if you go to The Stone I think you should consider it!

Go HERE for more info. See you there!

**Added pictures 8/23 from our last Kid Stuff FX morning.  Such fun.  The kids love the singing and skits and I love them too!  Cayden told me this week that his favorite character is “grandpa” and that makes me laugh b/c grandpa sure is funny!!


Yes that is Amos and Deacon both with their Haiti headbands on!  Amos is either stretching or really praising Jesus.  🙂


The band!


The kids having fun singing songs about Jesus!


My there little detectives!