You guys, we are so excited to announce that the next The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey LIVE! event will be happening in March and I hope that you can find a way to make it! We hosted this event three times last year and might I just say that I have no doubt that the events coming up in March will be the best ones yet. We're figuring new things out each time around. We want you to feel loved and appreciated and every time we put on these nights we think of more ways to do that.

The first time we did this was in March of 2016 and oh my gosh we were blown away by your response. I wondered if anyone would show up and tickets sold out in less than hour. We had the best time at the Happy Hour LIVE! March 2016 event that we decided to put on two shows for the Happy Hour LIVE! September 2016 event.

These nights are my absolute favorite because as weird as it sounds I love meeting you in my own home! Aaron and I love throwing parties, and inviting people into our home, so why not do that with 250 women that listen to my voice every single Wednesday. It is a dream!

Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am CST!  Tomorrow morning at 10am, Santa's coming! <—- I've been wanting to quote ELF all week long as I announced the time the tickets will go on sale! 10am CST – set your clocks, call your momma, get on two devices, whatever you have to do to get your tickets. Last September the first show sold out in 60 minutes, so we added a second. This time we are prepared! Both shows will be the same with just different guests on stage with me. Each night starts at 6 & ends at 9pm. Each night has great food + lots of goodies for you to take home.

Get your tickets HERE.

LIVE! Guests-01.jpg-3

Super excited about our guests that are joining me each night. On Friday we have Kari Sowers & Tara Leigh Cobble, and on Saturday we have Melanie Dale & Jami Nato. These four women are amazing and I'm so proud to be their friends and have a conversation with them that will hopefully encourage you in whatever stage of life you are in, inspire you to do great things, and point you to Jesus the whole time. If you haven't listened to their episode, please go back and do that ASAP!

Hopefully I'll see you soon in my backyard!