What a week it has been.  I have literally been consumed with this dang KVET dj thing. Y'all I want this job and it is all I think about.  🙂  So, you guys are kicking butt and taking names with your voting.  For real, I had so many people at church tell me today that they are voting for me, and most of the people I had never met before.  You guys are awesome!

Many of you have asked what made me do this.  To be honest if you truly know me this comes as no surprise.  I have always had this secret dream to be in tv or radio.  It's been a far off dream, but something that I thought would always be a fabulous job!  I have no experience here, but when I heard about this open casting call I realized that I would kick myself if I didn't just at least put my name out there.  I mean the name of my blog is DREAMING BIG DREAMS.  Why would I not dream big?  They opened it up to regular people, so I thought … why the heck not!!??!??!

So, this week has been stressful and fun all in one.  It has been so fun to see and hear about all of you guys voting and telling all your friends.  It has also been stressful because I just want to know.  I want the voting to be over. I want them to pick their top five.  I want five to come in and co-hosts, and I want to be one of them.  I just want something to happen.  Also, I'm so nervous that they'll call me and tell me to come in on Friday … the day Deacon has surgery. ugh!

They are now saying that the voting is extended until Wed.  So, please keep voting.  They say you are allowed one vote per day.  I have no idea how this is going to go down, but I do know that no matter what happens, this has been lots of fun.  I've enjoyed the competition. I've enjoyed dreaming of getting to chat with Bob Cole each day. I've enjoyed dreaming of getting to be a voice for the people in Austin.  I've enjoyed dreaming of the “what if's” in life.

So … thanks guys!  Keep voting!  Head over to www.kvet.com – click on Bob Cole's page – then go to “casting call” and vote for me JAMIE IVEY

Jamie Ivey