So as you know I received a much anticipated sewing machine for my 30th birthday!  I am in love and so desire to create.  I need to create and want to have something to show off for my creations.

My friend Tamara is amazing and has offered to help me out tomorrow morning.  So, I headed to Hancock's today and picked up a cute pattern to make a dress for my sweet baby girl Story.  I seriously spent an hour in there wondering around not having a clue about what I'm doing.  The boys were fairly well behaved, but it was still very stressful because I had NO clue about what to get or what I needed.  Somehow I made it out of there with what I need.

Got home today and got the mom stuff out of the way.  When the kids were finally in bed I broke out the sewing machine and tried to put it together.  Well, not really put it together, but you know make it work!   I haven't touched a sewing machine since 8th grade and so me reading the manual was kinda funny.  An hour later I figured it out.

I had to try it out, but what could I sew?  I found a jammie shirt of the boys, folded up the hem and started sewing!  I tried all 10 different stitch patterns (is that what they are called?) and loved it.  I felt like I did something and really I only hemmed up a shirt that didn't even need hemming!

So, tonight I'm searching the internet for patters, fabric and other cute ideas.  The thing is I'm not that crafty, but I have a DEEP desire to be crafty!  You think it's possible?

I'm trying this out this week …. you think I can do it?  I wrote down the stuff I need and hopefully this week I can find it!

Okay it's 10:30 and one of my goals was to be in bed by 10:30 so I'm off ….