If you don't mind I'd like to interrupt this week of fabulous giveaways to rant about a new tv show on TLC called VIRGIN DIARIES.  I saw a preview for this show during one of my scandalous nights of watching SISTER WIVES, which is a new obsession of mine and also on TLC.  Since it's over now they have another new scandalous show to fill in that time slot. Tell me if this preview would not entice you to watch:

Now I'm sorry for making you throw up your meal you just ate because that my friends was disgusting. The way they were gnawing at each others faces made me hurt. I hurt for their jaws and their pride and their future children. Oh good gracious it hurt to watch.

The preview was enticing enough and last night I sat down and had a good laugh while I watched the show. I even recorded it because there was no way I was gonna let Aaron miss out on that kiss.

Before I get started and make anyone mad let me state my beliefs. #1. I believe sex should be kept for your spouse. #2. I think waiting to kiss until your wedding day is awesome, I've never met anyone that did that, but awesome if you want to. #3. I've never heard the term “reclaimed virgin” and not sure I get it, but more power to her if that's what she wants to say. **Note if you have had sex, you can stop and not have sex with your husband/wife to be. Trust me, it's possible.**

on to the show …..
This couple had decided to wait until they were married to kiss for the first time and of course TLC took that concept and ran with it, making them out to be the weirdest people you've ever met. My thoughts on this are. They were weird. Take out the kissing or no kissing they just seemed awkward. I felt sorry for them in so many ways. Mainly I felt sorry in their desire to take all this on national tv and have to talk about their first night together. Guys that is awful. If you are married and you waited to have sex before you got married, you know that the first night is not always fireworks and great music. Things are awkward, things don't work, things don't go how they look in the movies and this poor couple had to say that on tv. I cringed when they had to talk about that.

Not fair to them.

But they signed up.

There were two other stories that they followed that were much more interesting to me and seemed more realistic. The first was three roommates that were all 30 and 2 of them had never had sex, and the 3rd was a “reclaimed virgin” as she called herself. They seemed like great girls and were wanting to have sex badly enough that they also signed up to go on National tv and talk about it. I know that the network can take phrases and scenes and make them out how they want to be, but for the most part these girls seemed normal. Except …. when one of them was out on a blind date one of the first questions she asked this guy was what his time line was for marriage and kids. BIG MISTAKE friends. Huge. I'm gonna say you hold this conversation off until it just comes naturally. You'll know if this is a guy that you truly like and he truly likes you and these conversations will naturally come. The guy asked her and her answer to him was the she was ready NOW. You should have seen his face. I bet he didn't call back.

Then there was the 35-year-old male virgin who has some awful friends that wanted him to have sex so badly they took him to a bar and told him to just take someone home. Oh my gosh people, seriously. Diseases anyone? The show led you to believe that he was gonna get “lucky” with this girl who was all over him that I was gonna gag watching, but in the end he didn't. He said he wouldn't settle. Love him for this. He needs a good woman!

So … I'm guessing that next week we'll see the same stuff. People confessing to dates that they are virgins while the date's mouth drops open wide in sheer disbelief of what they think they just heard. As if they've never met a virgin in their life.

I want to write more on this eventually, but here's my advice to you 30-year-old virgins out there …. GOOD FOR YOU! I'm so stinking proud of you that I can hardly contain my excitement. You will be more blessed in your marriage than I can even explain to you with my words. You will share a connection with your spouse that you won't have with anyone else. What a joy that is. Cherish it. Keep it. You will reap the benefits and rewards for sure.

If you are a 30-year-old person that had sex before but is choosing not to anymore until you get married …. GOOD FOR YOU!!! You can do it and will also be rewarded for this. Your road will be harder for sure, and you'll have a few more obstacles to overcome when you meet your to-be-spouse, but the rewards that you will have will also be there.

Now if you didn't see the show VIRGIN DIARIES, no worries I've told you all about the good stuff. Will I watch it again next week? Yes. For sure, and for the same reason I am so obsessed with Sister Wives. I'm intrigued by people's lives and decisions. I love seeing people and what choices they make and seeing into how they came to those decisions.

There you go …. Anyone else have any thoughts on VIRGIN DIARIES?

Jamie Ivey