Aaron and I throw around the idea of becoming vegetarian's all the time. We don't eat lots of meat, so this isn't that hard, but we still enjoy the occasional grilled chicken or turkey sausage. We have decided to try this out until August 1st. We'll see how it goes!

I found this cool site today about a mom that was trying to get her son to try more veggies. They went through all kids of veggies in alphabetical order and came up with lots of cool recipes with the veggies. I might have to fall back on these with the kids. What a fun experiment!

I also found this site today about a woman who cooks super healthy meals for her and her hubby. The each lost about 30 pounds just by changing their eating habits. They are not vegetarians, but still lots of cool new recipes to try! In fact, Aaron is in the kitchen right now making some sort of “dessert” for us to try!!!

So … any of you readers vegetarian's? If so, send us some tips, recipes, websites, etc!!!

Jamie Ivey