**UPDATE – 2/13/14 The card's are now listed HERE – the other links listed below are old and won't get you there.**

As most of you know I try to be”mom of the year” with projects I think I can do and never end up with the coveted title, but just end up with another project that I tried and failed.  I have friends in my life that are so crafty that it just makes me sick.  I see what they do, how cute it is and yet have absolutely no idea how to do it.  In fact, my friend Amy actually bought me a glue gun one time while she was here and claimed it was the start of all things crafty for me.  Oh I need Amy to come back and show me how do put those tube things in there!

So, every year Valentine's Day comes along and I make great promises to myself to send my kids to school with the cutest Valentine's day cards/gifts that their teacher has ever seen.  First of all I'm not even sure why I ever think I could accomplish this, since I just confessed to you that I'm not quite sure how to use my glue gun, but whatever at least I'm aiming high!

I have already scored through my Family Fun magazine to come up with some fabulous ideas for what to do, but the truth is that probably none of it will happen. I will wait too long and then sit down to create (gosh I use that word loosely here) something only to realize that I truly don't know what the heck I'm doing.  Then I'll feel like a loser mom and head to Wal Mart to find that all the cards are sold out and I'm left sending my kids to school with Blues Clues cards.  Not that there's nothing wrong with that, but my boys are a bit old for Blues Clues.

This year I'm gonna be a realist.  I'm not going to plan on making anything.  I'm not going to try and send my kids to school with the “best” Valentine's in the world, I'm just going to send them to school with some super cute Valentines that were so easy to make that I never had to leave my house.  What?  Valentine's that I never have to leave the house to get?

How is that you ask?

I'm glad you asked.

Our friends Katie & Shaun are adopting from Columbia and they have created the easiest way for you to truly send the most unique Valentine's to your kids friends.  Over at their blog they have created some Valentine's for you to download straight to your computer and then print, fill out and send to school.  Oh my gracious is that easy for us moms that don't have time to create our own!

These are not stupid Justin Bieber Valentine's, these are super duper cool Valentines that you can be proud of!  Not only will your kid have the coolest Valentine's in the class, but you will truly be assisting a family that is pouring out their life for a child in Columbia!  What a great way to love on the Fox family in this journey!

So, now if only I could find that list that my kids preschool teachers sent home with all the kids names on them.  I told you I'm “mom of the year”!

Jamie Ivey